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attack on the u.s. consulate and u.s. base in libya that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens. nbc news confirmed that petraeus conducted his own investigation on the ground in libya and even though the acting director now of the cia will likely testify this week before congress, senator feinstein and others did not rule out the possible that congress will compel petraeus to testify at a later date. >> i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> the congressional meeting is scheduled for thursday. . president obama observed veteran's day at arlington national cemetery this morning. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. after a moment of silence the president spoke at a remembrance ceremony. they say it was previously known as armistice day to mark the cease fire that ended world war i. then in 1954 congress changed it to veterans day to honor all u.s. military personnel. nearly 2,000 people gathered to mark veterans day. it was espec
to work legally here in the u.s., is in jail facing deportation. he applied for the president's deferred action program, but was caught in an i.c.e. raid. supporters are urging i.c.e. to reconsider. >> reporter: jesus luis' parents brought him to san jose illegally when he was just a boy. and supporters are making a lot of noise at immigration, saying his case deserves a different look. supporters of 26-year-old jesus luis rallied in san francisco. >> it's hard. the first time i seen him in there. >> reporter: abbe says it's heartbreaking to see her cousin behind bars. he is a good person. you know? he was just taking care of his brother, rene. >> reporter: information officials first retained luis in 2008. immigration issued a deportation order for his family. >> he was inaware of the order put on his parents. and that order was enforced ten years later. ruiz spent a short time in mexico before returning illegally. >> a friend he made there who was an american was killed because he was an american. and he stuck out. he stood out. and jesus didn't feel safe. he didn't feel at home. he ha
retailers in the u.s. and europe. >>> after a bruising election season and a thanksgiving vacation, lawmakers get back to work tomorrow on captiol hill and they are facing the december 31st deadline to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. that's when spending cuts and tax increases kick in. lawmakers from both parties are racing the clock to reach a compromise but despite a lot of optimism there is no plan on the table. brian moore has the story from washington. >> reporter: back from an extended holiday and facing a looming deadline, lawmakers from both parties seem optimistic about diffusing the fiscal cliff time bomb. >> unfortunately, for the last ten days with the house and congress gone for the thanksgiving recess there hasn't been much progress made. tomorrow there's no excuse. we are back in town. >> reporter: democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans and republicans who once refused to raise taxes on anyone ever are signaling their willingens to compromise. >> when you are $16 trillion in debt the only pledge we should be making to each other is to avoid the c
. >> they're not going to easily lose their voice. somehow. >> today, the u.s. state department were called on all to settle their differences peacefully. >> more than 100 cars and trucks collided in heavy fog. nearly 100 people were hurt. a husband and wife were killed after being crushed by a big rig. police say many people jumped into action after that crash. >> so i juched in the car, cl e closed the dar and then we all just braced each other. >> i just ran to the nearest car and started yavnging people out. >> investigators say fog played a big role. they say it distorted driver's perception. >> their yacht started taking on water today. the coast guard and several harbor masters stepped in. calm weather played a big role. >> they weren't dealing with a lot of difficult out there. but, yeah, it's definitely -- they're uneasy. they want to get off. >> they were eventually towed into the marina for repair. >> we all know the importance of giving blood. there's a donor program in canada just for that purr posz. >> the quick buzz of a razor, he's prepped to give blood. the two-year-old is
.a. he is one of four men charged with plotting to kill americans and destroying u.s. targets overseas by joining al qaeda. the men had purchased tickets to mexico can plans to fly from there to turkey. they learned that a 34-year-old served in the air force for a brief time. he was given an honorable discharge a year and a half after joining. >>> despite talks of a cease fire violence escalated in the middle east in gaza. 200 rockets were fired into israel. it is wednesday morning in gaza and tel aviv. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the war zone trying to broker a peace deal. in the bay area tonight, hundreds of israeli supporters gathered to pray for peace. the council general to israel was in attendance. >> we give so much support and our resilience is because of what we see here today and throughout those days. >> reporter: they set up a broadcast which showed a live feed from the shelters in israel. >>> here's a story that is drawing snickers across the country. no more private parts in public. san francisco supervisors had a tough time but they barely passed a nudity ba
. >> reporter: according to the u.s. department of transportation, in the thanksgiving holiday period in 2010, 337 people died on the road nationwide. 55% of them were not wearing seat belts. and during the night hours between 6:00 and 5:59 in the morning, the people killed not wearing seat belts, jumped to 64%. san jose police lieutenant rick wegher says cautions are important this holiday week. >> we're all busy during the holiday times. we're worried about getting to where we need to be. and those distractions are no different than when you are texting. >> reporter: erica's loved ones are hoping her life lost can save many more. >> it's devastating. i know she's at a place now. but we're going to miss her. i'm going to miss her. >>> today, a south bay football tradition, the lincoln a high school lineman suffered what his coach called a stinger of the neck and was taken to the hospital. three years ago, another san jose player nearly died. today's game was delayed for about 30 minutes. lincoln went on to defend their title for the 15th-straight year. winning 55-13. >>> it wouldn't be thank
the religious symbol be removed. the cross was covered while the case went all the way to the u.s. supreme court. eventually, the land was turned over to the veterans of foreign wars, and the memorial was allowed to stand. but the 7-foot cross was missing, until now. >> the giant note typed out to the effect of this is a stolen cross from the mojave desert. >> reporter: san diego sheriff's deputies recovered the cross this morning near skyline boulevard and highway 92, wrapped in paper, zip tied to a fence with a detailed note about returning it to the mojave. >> but they contacted the park service, and they verified with them based on the detail on the cross. >> reporter: the vfw is dedicating a new cross on sunrise rock this weekend in honor of veterans day. but the discovery of the original means a lot to veterans like wong. he plans to visit the memorial, and this time the cross will be standing. >> at a future date and in southern california, we like to go down there and look at the new cross. >> reporter: the san mateo county sheriff's department is holding the mojave cross until the vfw c
debt, but it can knock the u.s. off the road to recovery. the president andç members of congress have less than two months. >> making for a rough ride for investors. >> now, experts also say that democrats and republicans are both motivated to make a deal.ç and that's because near party wants to be blamed for a crisis. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> changes already in the works after theç passage of propositn 30 to see if a system will send refund checks to students. proposition 30ç raises the personal income tax more than $250,000 a year. now, that part takes effect in january. the income tax hike, though, is retroactive to the beginning of this year.ç new money will cover $6 billion in education cuts we've recently made.ç >> the good news is the state has been releasing money out of the pocket of the school districts to take money out. that die is over. means because of the cuts and because of prop 30. >> the governorç adds already noting income and viewing financial outlook more favorably. >> it's a changing of the guard that will be felt all the
intentionally staying and improving their house. >> reporter: an increase in property value is what u.s. forest service economist also found. he's published multiple studies on trees and their impact on the neighborhood. >> having the tree outside increased the price of your home by $6,700. >> that was the obvious question. >> what surprised me is the profound effect it can have on things like crime or health. >> smaller trees were linked to higher crime, larger trees seemed to cut down on crime and donovan's study based in portland oregon. >> they signal to a potential criminal that a neighborhood is well cared for. should they commit a crime, they would be more likely to get caught. >> reporter: mark lives near 101 in san jose. he said back in 1990 -- planting a few hundred trees has wiped out any and all graffiti. once staining the walls of houses and apartments here. >> less activity than i have with gang members. >> reporter: and it helped calm traffic. >> there are as many as half fewer car accidents along tree-lined streets. >> reporter: for donovan, the biggest find of all, the benefit
. the u.s. ambassador killed in libya has been laid to rest in california. a wreath of roses and american flag and handwritten notes mark the site in this cemetery where chris stevens was buried friday. stevens' family chose the site because their ancestors are from the area. >> my only thought is, they brought him home. >> stevens was born in the area and graduated here. >>> u.n. ambassador and stanford grad, susan rice, will meet with john mccain tomorrow morning. rice will be asked by the senate foreign relations committee to explain her comments following that attack that killed ambassador stevens. rice initially described the event as a spontaneous fact. rice is considered president obama's first choice for secretary of state when hillary clinton steps down in january. >>> it is tuesday morning in cairo. a little after 9:00 a.m. but overnight, we saw more skirmishes between demonstrators and riot police. a handful of protesters threw rocks. and police fired back with tear gas. the protesters have gathered in tahrir square for a massive protest later today against president mohamed mo
francisco today for the u.s. half marathon. it started early this morning in aquatic park. they made their way arols the gonld gate bridge before heading back to the park. they say this year's event had a different feel because of what people on the east coast are going through and most say cancelling the new york city marathon was the right thing to do. >> it was, took resources away from helping other people rebuild. it would be very disappointing. >>. >> 5,000 people participated in the half marathon. those who chose to also helped to raise money for saint jude's children's hospital. >>> as if enough wasn't happening here on earth this month there's a lot going nonthis sky, too. the torrid meteor showers will be bright 0 starting tonight. if conditions are right the torrids produce five visible shooting stars an an hour and leoned anies 15 or more give or take. we want to check in with rob for the rate the latest on the weather. >> the next couple of nights should be good. not much in the way of fog or clouds right now. san francisco 64 degrees. some daytime high temperatures arou
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11